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About the Program

The IEEE Computer Society Early Career Speaker Program (ECSP) was initiated in 2023 and continues to grow in 2024 with a focus on providing early career professionals—whether from academia, industry, or entrepreneurial backgrounds—valuable opportunities to learn from distinguished speakers in various fields. This program is particularly designed to emphasize topics related to early career and personal development rather than strictly technical subjects.

Speakers in the ECSP will offer insights into navigating the early stages of a professional career, sharing experiences and strategies for personal growth, leadership, career advancement, work-life balance, networking, and other crucial aspects of professional development. By doing so, the program aims to equip early career professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen paths.

These speakers will serve IEEE Computer Society professional and student chapters by delivering lectures as needed, whether in-person or online. Additionally, there will be a regular webinar series where these early career speakers will present their topics of expertise. This series is designed to be accessible and beneficial to all IEEE Computer Society members interested in early career and personal development.

Each year, new Early Career Speakers and their topics are selected to keep the program fresh and engaging. These speakers are available for online meetings throughout 2024, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all members. To find a speaker, visit the Current Speakers section on the IEEE Computer Society website.

The ECSP is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where early career professionals can gain inspiration, advice, and mentorship from those who have successfully navigated similar challenges. Join us in this unique opportunity to enhance your personal and professional growth through the experiences and wisdom of our esteemed speakers.

ECSP Steering Committee, 2024:

Topics Covered:

    • How to Start a Career in Software Engineering: Gain practical insights and strategies for launching a successful career in software engineering, including tips on building a strong portfolio, networking effectively, and navigating job interviews.
    • GenAI x Climate Sustainability: Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and climate sustainability. Learn how AI technologies can be leveraged to address environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development goals.
    • Responsible AI: Gain insights into the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and learn how to develop AI systems that prioritize fairness, transparency, and accountability. Explore principles and guidelines for responsible AI design and implementation to ensure ethical and inclusive outcomes.
    • Leadership Development: Develop the essential leadership skills needed to excel in the tech industry. This session will cover effective communication, team management, and decision-making to empower you to become a future tech leader.
    • Get Started with Research: Discover the fundamentals of research methodologies and how to initiate your research journey in the field of technology. Gain insights into identifying research topics, conducting literature reviews, and collaborating with peers and mentors.
    • Balancing Work and Personal Life in the Fast-Paced Industry: Learn practical strategies for achieving work-life balance in the dynamic tech industry. Explore techniques for managing time effectively, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care to prevent burnout and maintain well-being.
    • Entrepreneurship in the Tech Industry: Delve into the world of tech entrepreneurship and learn how to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures. Gain insights into startup culture, funding options, and overcoming challenges on the path to entrepreneurship.
    • New Technologies in the Industry: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape by mastering techniques for continuous learning and professional development. Discover resources, such as online courses, tech communities, and industry events, to keep your skills sharp and stay abreast of emerging technologies.
    • How to Manage Research and Industrial Work: Explore strategies for effectively balancing research commitments with professional responsibilities in industry settings. Learn how to integrate research projects into your workflow, collaborate with industry partners, and leverage resources for academic-industry collaboration.

Become a Speaker

Nominations for new speakers are formally solicited by the program chair in the spring of each year, but are accepted any time throughout the year. Appointments are made in the fall of each year. The selection of early career speakers are in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Speakers must be professional members of the IEEE Computer Society falling in the category of young professionals.

  2. Speakers are recognized individuals in their respective fields working in the recent technologies.

  3. Speakers should have a record of articles in technical or trade journals.

  4. Speakers offer topics of current interest to the Computer Society membership.

  5. Speakers’ schedules permit them to respond positively to requesting chapters / for webinars.

  6. Speakers have the support of their employer to participate in the ECSP.

  7. Speakers are invited to contribute their time and talent for up to 3 years. An ex-speaker may be re-nominated after being out of the program for a period of at least 3 years.

  8. A speaker may exit the program during the 3 years for personal reasons or may be terminated at the discretion of the ECSP Chair with the concurrence of the ECSP Committee.

  9. Representation from underrepresented groups/IEEE regions is highly encouraged.

  10. The ECSP selection sub-committee evaluates all speaker nominations.

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ECSP Current Speakers

  • Shivam Shivam

    Engineering Lead at ZS Associates | Advisor IEEE CS SYP

    Shivam is an accomplished technology leader specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He graduated with distinction from the Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, India, with expertise in NLP, Generative AI, Graph Search, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Knowledge Graph. As the Engineering Lead at ZS Associates, Shivam drives projects focused on NLP, Graph technology, Search, and Content Generation to optimize clinical trials and market research. His work includes automating alert generation, devising predictive strategies for customer engagement, and leveraging cutting-edge Search capabilities. Shivam has contributed to over 30 impactful projects and published 10+ research articles in IEEE and Springer. Recognized for his expertise, he received the Richard E. Merwin scholarship from IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section and has delivered keynote speeches at over 50 conferences worldwide. Shivam also holds prominent roles in IEEE, including Chairperson of the New Initiative Committee, MGA Board, Advisor for the Students and Young Professional Committee, and Executive Committee Member for the Technical and Conference Activities Board. His innovative work in Generative AI and commitment to shaping the future of technology have established him as a visionary leader.

  • Dr. Philipp Terhörst Dr. Philipp Terhörst

    Research Group Leader, Paderborn University

    Dr. Philipp Terhörst is a research group leader at Paderborn University working on “Responsible AI for Biometrics”. He received his Ph.D. in computer science in 2021 from the Technical University of Darmstadt for his work on “Mitigating Soft-Biometric Driven Bias and Privacy Concerns in Face Recognition Systems” and worked at the Fraunhofer IGD from 2017 to 2022. He was also an ERCIM fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology funded by the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. His interest lies in responsible machine learning algorithms in the context of biometrics. This includes the topics of fairness, privacy, explainability, uncertainty, and confidence. Dr. Terhörst is the author of several publications in conferences and journals such as CVPR and IEEE TIFS and regularly works as a reviewer for e.g. TPAMI, TIP, Nature Medicine, PR, BTAS, ICB. For his scientific work, he received several awards such as from the European Association for Biometrics and the International Joint Conference for Biometrics. He furthermore participated in the ’Software Campus’ Program, a management program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

  • Dr. Abhishek Appaji

    R&D Head and Associate Professor at B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru | Vice Chair IEEE CS Bangalore Chapter

    Dr. Abhishek Appaji is an accomplished leader in R&D and academia. He is the R&D Head and Associate Professor at B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru, and a guest faculty at Maastricht University, Netherlands. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp specializing in new ventures leadership. Abhishek holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Medical Electronics from BMSCE, a Master of Technology in Information Technology, and a Master of Engineering in Bioinformatics from University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bengaluru. He earned his Ph.D. in Mental Health and Neurosciences from Maastricht University, receiving the best thesis award. A Senior Member of IEEE, Abhishek serves in various roles including Vice Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Chapter, Treasurer of the IEEE Bangalore Section, Chair of the IEEE SPS Bangalore Chapter, executive committee member of the IEEE PES Bangalore Chapter, and advisor for the IEEE EMB BMSCE Chapter. He also participates in the R10 Section Chapter Committee and Global Conference Committee of IEEE. He has secured grants from DST, DBT, BIRAC, and international agencies. Abhishek has also been a research associate at the Centre for Nanoscience and Engineering (CeNSE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, and holds two patents in Medtech. He has authored over 50 international and national journal publications and conference papers. Abhishek has delivered more than 150 invited expert talks and has received numerous awards including the IEEE International Best Paper Award, Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award, MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Winner, IEEE MGA Young Professional Achievement Award, and many more. His collaborations with eminent scientists in Computational Neuroscience further highlight his impactful career.

Recommend A Speaker

Recommendations for new speakers, as well as suggestions for desired topics, are welcome at any time. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis.

Please submit nominations, including the nominee’s biographical information and two or three abstracts of proposed topics (use the entries in the current catalog as a reference for text length). For nominations, email Biswarup Ray (biswarup.ray@ieee.org) with a copy to Anthony Maglaqui (a.maglaqui@computer.org).

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