More Information on Membership

Additional information for members. Learn about member grades, special circumstances, group discounts, and more.

Member Grades

    • Member

Nearly 70% of all IEEE CS members fall into this category. Practicing industry professionals and academics with an interest in computing that have not met or applied for Senior member should apply to this category.

Learn more about IEEE Computer Society member benefits.

Learn more about adding the Distinguished Contributor designation to your member status.

Join now as an IEEE CS member.


    • Student Member

Undergraduate Students are eligible for the Student Member grade. Student members pay reduced fees for membership. Students must belong to IEEE in order to become an IEEE Computer Society Student member. Student membership includes access the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library in addition to many other discounts and special support at IEEE CS conferences and events.

Learn more about CS Student membership.

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    • Graduate Student Member

Our graduate students fall into the Graduate Student Member grade. They are eligible for the same benefits and discounts as Student Members, but the Graduate Student Member grade reflects the advanced nature of their studies.

Learn more about CS Graduate Student membership.

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    • Senior Member

The Senior Member grade is granted by the IEEE and is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. IEEE members can self-nominate, or be nominated, for Senior member grade.

Learn more about Senior member qualifications.


    • Life Member

A special IEEE membership designation given to individuals based on years of IEEE membership and their age. Eligible IEEE members are automatically elevated to life membership.


    • Fellow

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.

Learn more about becoming an IEEE Fellow.


    • Affiliate Member

Affiliate members are IEEE Computer Society members that are not also IEEE members. They receive Computer Society membership benefits, but do not receive IEEE member benefits.

Learn more about becoming a CS Affiliate member.

Join now as an Affiliate Member.

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Student Membership

Students receive special discounts to IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society. Use the membership dues calculator to determine the student rate for your country.

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Membership Certificate

Once you’ve joined the IEEE Computer Society, you can download your membership certificate. Log in to Collabratec.

  • Click on your name in the top right of the screen and select “Member Certificates” from the drop-down menu.
  • From the “Member Certificates” page, click on the “Download PDF” link to the right of “IEEE Computer Society Membership.”
  • Open the PDF and print it.
  • Proudly display in your workplace.

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Special Circumstances

    • Developing Nations (e-membership)

An electronic membership option with reduced dues is available to new and renewing higher grade members who reside in countries where the per capita gross national income (GNI) does not exceed US$15,000 (per World Bank guidelines, using a three-year average).

Join or renew now using the e-membership option.


    • Minimum Income

Members that can certify that their prior year’s income did not exceed US$15,300, or equivalent, are granted a 50% reduction in Computer Society dues, as well as IEEE membership dues, regional assessments, and their optional publications. Written certification must be submitted along with application and payment.

Join or renew now using the minimum income special circumstances option.


    • Retired Members

Retired members, not gainfully employed and not qualifying for Life Member status, on attaining the age of 62 years, may apply for a 50% reduction in Computer Society dues, along with IEEE membership dues and assessments and optional publication fees.

Renew now using the Retired membership option.


    • Unemployed

A 50% reduction in Computer Society Dues, IEEE membership dues, assessments, and optional subscriptions is available to members and applicants who inform the IEEE Operations Center office that they:

      1. have become involuntarily unemployed and are seeking reemployment, or
      2. have become voluntarily unemployed for reasons of raising children.

A statement of continued unemployment shall be provided with each annual dues payment. In the case of voluntary unemployment, the provisions of this bylaw shall not exceed four years. Reduced payments may not be made in installments.

Call 1 (800) 678-4333 to take advantage of this option.

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Small Group Discounts

Small Group Membership is designed for companies and institutions that wish to provide up to five (5) of their employee’s access to technical content, education, networking, and professional resources. Memberships stay with the company if an employee decides to pursue other employment opportunities.Please email for detailed pricing.


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Corporate Partnerships

A corporate partnership with the Computer Society delivers opportunities for building impactful relationships, strengthening your workforce, and expanding your brand’s reach in critical objectives for competitive computing technologies.

Contact your Corporate Partner Liaison to begin creating a custom package designed to meet your unique needs.

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How do I become an IEEE Computer Society Member?

Use the interactive membership application or call the IEEE Contact Center at 800-678-IEEE (4333).

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Has my IEEE Computer Society membership application been received?

To find out, call the IEEE Contact Center at 800-678-IEEE (4333) or email

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Can I join the IEEE Computer Society without joining the IEEE?

Yes. You can join as a Computer Society-only member to receive all IEEE Computer Society benefits, including our award-winning flagship magazine Computer.
IEEE benefits such as IEEE Spectrum are not included.

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Are company memberships available?

Please email for information on small-group memberships and corporate programs.

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What is the cost to join the IEEE Computer Society as a professional?

Use this interactive calculator to see pricing information about joining the IEEE Computer Society.

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What is the cost to join the IEEE Computer Society as a student?

Students can join the Computer Society for an extremely discounted rate. Membership in the IEEE is required.
Special Bonus: Student membership includes full IEEE Computer Society Digital Library access.

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Can I join online without using a credit card?

We offer several payment options. Simply complete the online application and proceed to checkout. On the checkout page, scroll down the page to the “payment” area. Acknowledge that you have viewed the terms of membership and terms & conditions, and select the link for “submit payment by mail” PDF.

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I can't access my magazine / journal subscriptions; who should I contact?

Begin by logging in to your IEEE web account and accessing your periodical subscription in the CS Digital Library.
If you are still unable to access your publications, email with a description of the problem. Please include screen shots, if possible.

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My needs have changed. Can I still add CSDL access to my membership?

Yes. Even if your institution does not have access, Computer Society members can add full CSDL access individually to their membership for as low as $130 USD. Simply log in to your membership account and use promo code CSDLTRACK to add it to your cart.

If you need to renew your CS membership along with adding CSDL access, please use promo code CSCSDLTRACK.

Full access to CSDL is included with all Computer Society student memberships at no extra cost.

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Where can I find subscription information and rates for IEEE Computer Society periodicals?

Visit the Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) for information about individual and institutional subscriptions.
For institutional Computer Society Digital Library sales, email

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How do I change my address on my account?

How do I set up my email alias?

The IEEE Computer Society alias service is available only to current IEEE Computer Society members. It is a forwarding service that directs mail to an existing email address — not an email account.
Begin by setting up an email alias.

You must have a registered IEEE Web account to establish a alias. (Create an IEEE Web account.)
Your alias will become functional within 24 hours.

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What do I do if my email alias is not working?

You must enter your alias exactly as you registered it, or else mail that is sent to it will bounce.
If you’ve forgotten your alias, please send a message explaining the problem, along with your member number to

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How do I change my forwarding address?

Change your forwarding address:
You will have to enter your IEEE Web account information and your new email address. (Create an IEEE Web account.) A validation code will be sent to your old address along with the web address where you will enter the validation code.

After the change has been verified, it will take up to 24 hours for mail sent to your alias to begin routing to the new email address.

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What if I no longer have access to my old email address?

To request the change, please send your new email address, your user name, and your member number to
After the change has been made, it will take up to 24 hours for mail sent to your alias to begin routing to the new email address.

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