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Professional Section Chapters

IEEE Computer Society Professional Section Chapters provide an avenue for members to connect at the local level. A geographic subunit of the IEEE Computer Society. All chapters must be established by petition to IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities.

Specific rules and guidelines exist for forming an IEEE Computer Society Professional Section Chapter.

What is Needed

  1. The member establishing the professional section chapter must be an active IEEE member of Graduate Student Member grade or higher for at least 6 months prior to submission of application and be an active member of the Computer Society.
  2. 12 active IEEE members of Graduate Student Member grade or higher, who are members of the Computer Society  and live or work in the IEEE Section where the chapter is being established.
  3. An active IEEE Section

What to Do

  1. Complete the IEEE Geographic Chapter Petition

More Information on Petition Process

  1. The chapter application must be endorsed by the IEEE Section Chair where the chapter is being established. If a Joint Section it must be endorsed by both sections. This occurs only after the petition has been verified by IEEE MGA staff.
  2. Once endorsed by the section,  members will be invited to sign the petition.
  3. Once endorsed and signed by 12 members the petition must be approved by both the IEEE Region Director and IEEE Computer Society President

Additional Resources

  1. Start up funding and additional grant support is available to professional section chapters.
  2. Apply for an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor
  3. Connect with your IEEE Computer Society Chapter Support team –
  4. IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities


Student Branch Chapters

IEEE Computer Society has over 350 student branch chapters worldwide. Being part of a student community helps computing students to meet like-minded students, compete in computing challenges, and enjoy a wide variety of events and networking opportunities.

What Is Needed

  1. Determine whether an IEEE Student Branch exists at your college or university. An IEEE Student Branch is required to establish a Student Branch Chapter.
  2. FIND MEMBERS! A minimum of six IEEE Computer Society undergraduate or graduate members are required to establish a student branch chapter.
  3. At least 1 full-time faculty member who is an IEEE Computer Society member who agrees to serve as faculty advisor

What to Do

  1. Complete the IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter Application. (member log in required)

IEEE student services will obtain formal approval of the petition by the regional director, the regional student activities committee chair, and the Computer Society President.

Apply For Funds

  1. Student Branch Chapters qualify for start up funding. Once approval of your application is complete apply for funding.
  2. Additional funding is available via a chapter program. Apply today.


Additional Questions

If you have more questions or need assistance, please contact Eric Berkowitz

Chapters Learning Webinar

The IEEE Computer Society provides informational webinars for you to learn more about our benefits and resources. Learn about how you can contribute to chapters and how chapters could help you.

View the Chapters Learning Webinar.

Connect, Contribute, and Collaborate in Communities

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