Addressing the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity Through Enhanced Recruitment and Retention Approaches

Christina Iodice
Published 03/07/2024
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Addressing the gender gap in cybersecurityToday’s organizations are confronted with the constant threat of cybersecurity breaches that can potentially disrupt their business. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for professionals in the field of cybersecurity. However, fulfilling this demand hasn’t been easy.

One of the challenges in the industry is gender diversity. Currently, women only make up about 25% of all cybersecurity roles. This significant disparity not only restricts businesses from accessing a diverse range of security and leadership expertise but also hampers their overall growth.


Understanding the Value of Gender Diversity in Cybersecurity

It might not be clear to some organizations, but having a mix of genders in cybersecurity teams can be critical for their success. People from different backgrounds and with varied life experiences can help spot important weaknesses and make better decisions for the business.

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