Technical & Conference Activities Board
Learn more about the Technical & Conference Activities Board, it's members, committees, and more.

T&C Board Executive Committee

  • Vice President: Grace Lewis
  • Secretary: Bryan Morse
  • Treasurer: Terry Benzel
  • Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Chair: Rick Kazman
  • Conference Activities Committee (CAC) Chair: Erich Neuhold
  • Technical Meeting Request Committee (TMRC) Chair: Michela Taufer
  • Members-at-Large: Umit Catalyurek, Rama Chellappa, Yiuming Cheung, Miriah Meyer
  • CS President: Forrest Shull*
  • Past T&C VP: William Gropp*

* Ex officio member

Conference Activities Committee (CAC)

  • Chair: Erich Neuhold
  • Members-at-Large: Stephanie Challita, Sven Dietrich, Dario Di Nucci, Manfred Hauswirth, Ali Mili, Vincent Oria, Marek Rusinkiewicz, Jenny Zou

Technical Activities Committee (TAC)

  • Chair: Rick Kazman
  • Vice Chair: Damian Tamburri
  • Members-at-Large: Philippe Kruchten, Jungwoo Ryoo, Damian Tamburri, Tim Minzies
  • All Technical Committee chairs are voting members of the TAC

Technical Meeting Request Committee (TMRC)

  • Chair: Michela Taufer
  • Members-at-Large: Rosa Badia, Candace Culhane, Ajay Gupta, James Lin, Yuhong Liu, Alberto Nannarelli

​Computer Society Staff

  • Senior Manager, Communities & Technical ActivitiesBrookes Little, CMP
  • Senior Program Manager, Communities & Technical ActivitiesBrian Kirk

T&C Board Leadership History

See a list of all past T&C Board Leaders.