Candidates for IEEE Division V Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2023
2022 IEEE Annual Election period is from 15 August to 3 October 2022

dejan milojicic - division director v candidate


(Nominated by IEEE Division V)

Distinguished Technologist and Director
Hewlett Packard Labs
Palo Alto, California, USA


If elected, I will focus on helping IEEE and Computer Society in: 1) engaging existing and new membership into meaningful contributions; 2) generating new classes of IP of practical impact to members and the world as a whole; and 3) better integrating our organizations into overall ecosystem.

  1. To better engage membership, I would invite members from industry, academia, and governments to benefit from and contribute to new and existing IEEE products and services. I will carefully personalize types of products to individuals and organizations.
  2. New IP will be generated for new products and services of practical value to members, humanity, and earth (e.g., against global warming), such as predictions, analysis, roadmaps, practical courses, patterns, use-cases, opensource code, designs, architectures, etc.
  3. IEEE and Computer Society are not islands. I will better integrate Computer Society into IEEE and vice versa, but I will also do the same outwards. There are many organizations that we can work with in different degrees of tightly or loosely coupled relationships such as ACM, USENIX, OSA, ASME, PMI, and many others.


Dejan is a distinguished technologist and director at Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA (1998-present). Previously, he worked in the OSF Research Institute, Cambridge, MA (1994–1998) and Institute “Mihajlo Pupin,” Belgrade, Serbia (1983–1991). He received his PhD from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (1993), and his MSc/BSc from Belgrade University, Serbia (1986/1983). Dejan was a managing director of the Open Cirrus Cloud Computing testbed (2007–2011), with 16 global sites in US, Asia, and Europe.  Dejan has more than 200 papers, 2 books and 72 patents. He is an IEEE Fellow (2010), ACM Distinguished Engineer (2008), and HKN and USENIX member. Dejan served on 8 PhD thesis committees,
and taught Cloud Management at San Jose State University, and mentored over 50 interns and collaborated with many universities.  Dejan founded a magazine and three conferences, and served on several editorial boards and program committees. He received the IEEE Computer Society Richard Merwin Award.

christina schober - divison v director candidate


(Nominated by IEEE Division V)

Sensor Production Consultant
Honeywell Aerospace Division
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


IEEE and IEEE Computer Society are global leaders in technology. To continue this excellence, I have the enthusiasm, dedication and history of increasing diversity and inclusion, supporting new services and products, infrastructure improvements by collaboration and engagement to fulfill IEEE core purpose “to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”.

I have great respect for all aspects of computing, and its worldwide penetration into industry, academia, schools, and households. The diversity of our members and the wide breadth of computing technology are a challenge to providing value to each member. I want to continue using the Director position to improve IEEE and Computer Society members return on their investment and to allow each member to flourish with the networking, technical and professional resources of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.

I have been an IEEE member for over 38 years. My vision and focus for IEEE and IEEE Computer Society is to be for others what it is for me, a lifetime technology and professional home for networking, education, leadership opportunities, and knowledge.


Christina is a Honeywell Sensor Production Consultant after a 40-year career as a Product Team Lead/Staff Engineer with Honeywell in Design, Manufacturing, and Research. Chris has a Professional Masters and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and has been awarded 17 US and 24 foreign patents.

Chris is a dedicated CS volunteer for 35+ years at multiple levels: CS Chapter Officer, Section Officer, CS BOG, and IEEE BOD/CS Director. She has served six terms as a member of the CS BOG, including VP Conference & Tutorials, and VP Chapter Activities. As Sensors Council president (2010–2011) she led a financial turnaround of the Council, and in the same year started investing in additional Sensors Journal pages kicking off year-over-year growth and financial returns. Chris’s focus in IEEE is reflected in her talks at Section Congress 2017 on Building Technical Communities, Diversity, Chapters, and Value to Industry Professionals.